Capstone Energy is strategically headquartered in Singapore to serve the South East Asian market; however, this doesn’t constrain us from serving the market globally. Our strategical Tie-Up Approach has paved way for us to be a local player in the local market around the globe.

We have Tie-Ups worldwide with all forms of service providers irrespective of their business size and model, which eventually makes us a global player in the international market and local player in the local market. This strategic approach is well established to fulfill the gaps in the market demand. Through this “Tie-Up Approach”, we have established capabilities to serve the complete Oil & Gas field development project life cycle and this approach puts us at right service at the right place and right time on the competitive market.

Our Tie-Ups emerges from suppliers, vendors, Shipyards and until Operators of Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Facilities. In fact, with such approach, Capstone Energy provides a seamless service to the industry. In addition, through this approach, we are able to serve even the remote locations worldwide, while our key focus is on Asia Pacific Region, Australia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

Strategic Partnering Around the Globe