Risks are always being seen as a threat to projects and corporate businesses. However, at Capstone Energy we manage in a way that even threats become opportunities. Our architecture of Risk Analysis and Management, provides a complete portfolio in managing the risks without any impact to the project or business. Whether it could be a geological risk or be an in-process risk, we with our risk management strategies ensure seamless flow of business or project.

Capstone Energy’s Risk Management Strategies are framed by experts in the Risk Management domain and are tailored to the need of every individual project or business. Our professionals in the risk management arena have decades of combined experience and knowledge in the O&G industry. With their expert knowledge and experience, the Capstone Energy experts will arrive instantly with the decisions and criteria needed to successfully move project delays or obstacles forward in order to complete the job before the project deadlines.

Our Risk Management service provides an enhanced forecasting of Business / Financial / Project Risk and thereby the control and mitigative measures on timely basis. Our services include but not limited to,

  • Risk Assessment & Contingency Planning
  • Business Continuity Risk Management
  • Threat & Vulnerability Assessment
  • Capital Projects Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Risk Surveillance Services
  • HAZID / HAZOP Study Facilitation
  • Safety Case Studies and Facilitation